How Do You Find the Newest Cricut Machine?


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Visit the Cricut website to determine which machines are new. Alternately, visit the website or physical location of a local craft retailer to check if the new Cricut machine is in stock.

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To determine if a Cricut machine is new, visit Cricut.com and click the Shop icon. Once inside the shop, click the tab for New. This page displays all new items or machines that Cricut has available. The new items are marked with a small banner. If there are no new machines, visit the tab labeled Machines to see the available selection. The machines are available for purchase directly through the Cricut website or at applicable craft retailers.

Another way to find the newest Cricut machines is to visit sites such a review website that specializes in rating and summarizing the most recently developed die-cutting machines, including the newest Cricut machines.

Cricut also hosts a blog for posting recent company news, new craft projects and other Cricut-related content. Visit the Cricut blog to check on new machines. For example, one article describes the newest machine Cricut that was on the market in 2014. The blog also has links to Cricut's online community, social media pages and ideas for crafts.

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