What Are Some Newborn Baby Dolls That Look Real?

newborn-baby-dolls-look-real Credit: Fuse/Getty Images

"Reborns" are dolls that are made to look and feel like real infants. These dolls are often made with vinyl or silicone and flesh-colored paint. Their hair is usually made of mohair. Some doll makers add eyelashes, veins, nails and saliva to make the dolls look realistic.

Reborn dolls are so lifelike that police have reportedly smashed car windows to rescue "babies" that turn out to be reborns. They are often bought by childless women to satisfy their yearning for babies. Some grieving parents turn to these lifelike dolls to cope with the pain of losing their children. Psychologists have divided opinions on the use of reborn dolls as tools for grieving. Some believe that these dolls can help parents mourn the child they lost, whereas others think that using reborn dolls to cope with grief only creates more problems.