How Do You Go to the Nether in "Minecraft: Pocket Edition"?


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As of January 2015, there is no way to get to the Nether in "Minecraft: Pocket Edition." Instead, Mojang released an update called The Nether Reactor, which allows the player to build a machine where Nether monsters spawn from. Killing the monsters will allow the players access to Nether only items.

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There has yet to be an update that allows access to the Nether. Some players have modified other Pocket Edition maps to resemble the Nether, but they are not created by Mojang. Instead, the Nether reactor is available for a player to build. The following instructions explain how to properly build a Nether Reactor.

  1. Gather the materials
  2. The Nether reactor requires several semi-rare items to construct. The reactor is made from crafting three diamonds and six iron ingots. The frame requires four gold blocks and several pieces of cobblestone.

  3. Construct the core
  4. Place six iron ingots on the outside blocks and three diamonds in the middle.

  5. Construct the frame
  6. The frame uses four gold blocks and several pieces of cobblestone mounted on top of each other is a cross-like fashion.

  7. Punch the core
  8. Once the player punches the core, it will turn the reactor on and teleport pigmen to the game, as well as other rare items.

If the player dies, the reactor will turn off. At this point, the player can use a diamond pickax to obtain the core once again.

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