Where Have Nephilim Fossils Been Discovered?


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Nephilim, defined as humanlike creatures of substantial size, are purported to have been found in Greece, Saudi Arabia, India and Niger. However, close inspection of the photos and a look into their origins shows that the evidence being published as factual was originally created as part of an image editing contest, according to Urban Legends Expert David Emery at About.com.

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Several stories exist in various religious traditions about humanlike beings that were the offspring of angelic beings or that were brought into existence by a creator. These stories suggest that such creatures were in excess of 20 feet tall but were otherwise identifiable as human. However, some basic laws of anatomy would render this impossible due to the proportions needed to carry the increased mass. A bipedal creature over 20 feet in height would not resemble humans in any way because of the drastic changes necessary to accommodate its size, according to the square-cube law of anatomy.

Many of the photos used to create the alleged archaeological stories of discovery can be found online in their original form, missing telltale evidence of the findings being humanoid. As of 2014, the largest primate species to be accurately documented stood approximately 9.8 feet in height and went extinct over 100,000 years ago.

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