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The Necomimi tail, more accurately known as the Shippo, is a motorized tail controlled by the user's brain that works by wagging in correspondence to the user's emotional state. The Japanese-based company Neurowear created the product after the success of its Necomimi brain-activated cat ears.

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The Shippo determines the user's emotional state through a NeuroSky electroencephalograph headset, which detects brain activity, and a heart monitor that clips on. The information determined by the headset is sent to the tail through a Bluetooth connection, telling the tail to wag soft and slow or hard and fast. A user can share her current mood and location with friends using the geotagging and smartphone sharing capabilities that come with the tail. These features also allow users to locate places other Shippo users marked as having a relaxing or happy feel to them.

Neurowear demonstrated a prototype of the Shippo at the Tokyo Games Show in 2012. However, according to the Neurowear website, the company has not yet commercially released the Shippo, nor does it have any plans for a commercial launch as of 2015. However, Kiluck Coporation, the company that helped Neurowear develop the Shippo, created the Tailly, which also moves based upon the user's emotions. Kiluck launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

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