How Do You Do Needle Tatting?


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To do needle tatting, cut a piece of thread a minimum of 40 inches long. Thread a needle, and leave 4 inches of thread on one side and 36 or more inches on the other side. While grasping the needle with the right hand, take the long piece of thread in the left hand, move it behind the needle, and then press it against the needle. With the left hand, place three fingers on top of the longer thread.

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Take the longer thread, and move it clockwise around the three fingers, while the needle is at the end of the index finger, wrapping the thread around it, as well. Once completed, remove the three fingers. Hold the thread with the index finger while moving the thread counter clockwise around it. Move the needle up to the finger tip while bending the finger. Move the second stitch up against the first by moving the thread down the needle.

Repeat those two stitches over again to complete the tatting. If left handed, switch the hands being used to create the stitches. Choose a thread thickness that suits the desired design, from very fine to heavy. Heavier threads require various sized needles. Create the same stitches using a tool with an embedded hook, also known as a shuttle.

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