What Is Needed to Make a Wind-Powered Toy Car?

A simple wind-powered toy car can be made from cardboard, using a house fan for power. Other designs include a rear propeller instead of a house fan to propel the car.

Making a wind-powered toy car that will run on external power requires the user to build a basic frame. Such an activity could serve as a creative project, since most of the project will involve building the car itself. Use cardboard to cut out shapes like rectangles and circles for the body and wheels of the toy car. Tape the pieces of the car body together and use straws for axles. Test the car by rolling it back and forth. Create a sail from construction paper and stick it on the back of the toy car. Point the house fan toward the sale of the car and turn it on. The car should begin to move by wind power.

Adding a spinning propeller on the back of the car instead of the sail is another way to build a wind-powered car; however, many such toy cars require winding a releasing a rubber band to power the propeller, which pushes the car by its spinning. It could be argued, though, that the rubber band is actually powering the car rather than the wind on such toys.