What Is the "Need For Speed: Undercover" Registration Code?

The “Need For Speed: Undercover” registration code or product key is the serial number that comes with the game and is entered after purchase. The game uses this registration code as a type of product key to ensure that the player didn't download the game illegally.

If a player has lost the registration code for “Need For Speed: Undercover,” the serial number may still be discoverable by using a product key finder program. These programs search a computer for product keys that are stored in the registry. Product key finders have a better success rate if the program is still installed on the computer. If it has been removed, it may still find the serial number but only if the number is still in one of the leftover registry files. If a registry cleaner has been used since the removal of the game, the leftover registry files were likely deleted.

Searching online for “Need For Speed: Undercover” registration codes results in key generation programs or cracked versions of the game that no longer require a code to play. These are not legal ways of obtaining registration codes or serial numbers. The only legal way to get a registration code for “Need For Speed: Undercover” is to purchase the software legally.