What Do You Need for an Orphan Annie Costume?

What Do You Need for an Orphan Annie Costume?

Only two things are absolutely necessary for a Little Orphan Annie costume. The first is a wig that mimics Annie's iconic auburn curls. Second, the costume needs a red dress with a white collar and white details on the sleeves and waist. These two key components are consistent across the "Little Orphan Annie" comics, movies and plays, making the costume instantly recognizable.

Annie's auburn locks are generally short and bushy, but sometimes they have been depicted as longer curls as well.

Annie's red and white dress is often plain red, but it also can be gingham, polka-dot or striped. The look of Annie's dress can be achieved by purchasing a plain red dress or matching shirt and skirt and adding the white details where necessary.

In addition to the two must-have pieces above, there are several other details that could be added to round out a Little Orphan Annie costume. White stockings or knee-high socks and black Mary Jane style shoes offer a more complete look.

Annie is often accompanied on her adventures by her dog Sandy. Sandy is usually portrayed as a shaggy light-brown pup of indistinct heritage. Adding a stuffed dog resembling Sandy as a costume accessory would make a nice touch.