What Do You Need to Make Papier-Mache?

What Do You Need to Make Papier-Mache?

Papier-mache projects are made with newspaper, white glue, scissors and a balloon. The balloon provides the underlying support structure for the papier-mache project.

The art of papier-mache is an excellent way to get involved in simple statues and other three-dimensional crafts. It is also useful for kid's craft projects, as papier-mache is made from inexpensive, lightweight materials.

Papier-mache is a paper artwork made by wetting strips of paper in a mix of glue and water and then layering them over a support structure. The strips are built up form specific shapes, like air balloons, animals and people. The finished form is allowed to dry out for a couple of days and painted or decorated with colorful paper and craft accessories to finish it.

Newspaper print paper purchased from the art supply store may be used for this project. However, saving up old newspapers works just as well and is cheaper. The paper is cut into strips or small triangles beforehand.

A simple adhesive mixture is used to paste the newspaper strips together. This mix can be made from a mixture of white glue and water in a 1:1 ratio. This keeps the glue from getting too sticky to work on. The paper strips are soaked in the mixture and applied over a blown balloon. More advanced crafters may build complex support structures from wood and wire.