What Do You Need to Build a Corn Toss Game?

What Do You Need to Build a Corn Toss Game?

The materials necessary to build a corn hole game are lumber, carriage bolts, washers, wing nuts and screws. Necessary tools include saws, a compass, a measuring tape and a power drill.

A corn hole game requires two identical corn hole tables. Each table has one 1/2-inch thick piece of plywood with a hole cut into it. The plywood should measure 4 feet long by 2 feet wide. The plywood rests on two 4-foot long table sides, two 21-inch long table ends and two 16-inch table legs, all of which are cut from 2-by-4s.

Attach the sides to the ends with wood screws. Clamps are one way to hold the frame together while drilling the screws. After the frame is ready, use screws to attach the plywood to it. To prevent damage to the wood, predrill the holes before inserting the screws.

Once the plywood is on, mark the point 9 inches from the top end and 12 inches from each side with a pencil. Draw a circle 6 inches in diameter around this point, and cut it out with a saw.

Complete the table by cutting and positioning the legs so they raise the top end of the table 12 inches off the ground. The legs attach to the frame with the carriage bolts, washers and wing nuts.