What Is Necessary to Do After Beating the Elite Four in Pokémon LeafGreen Version?

After beating Dragon Champion Lance on Pokémon LeafGreen version, the player will battle with the real champion, which is Gary. When facing Gary, the player will need to play with even more strategy than was required when defeating the members of the Elite Four because Gary has a full team of strong Pokémon.

Gary has the following Pokémon on his team: level 61 Pidgeot, level 59 Alakazam and a level 61 Rhydon. If the player chooses Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, Gary will have any of the following Pokémon: level 61 Exeggutor, level 63 Gyarados, level 65 Charizar, 63 Exeggutor, level 61 Arcanine level 65 Blastoise, level 63 Arcanine, level 61 Gyarados and a level 65 Venusaur.

After defeating Gary, Professor Oak will talk to the player and will enter a back room to list the player and his Pokémon into the Hall of Fame.