What Are Some Neave Games?

What Are Some Neave Games?

Popular Neave games include "Tetris-N-Blox" and "Hexxagon." Neave games, browser games created by Paul Neave, also include "Bouncy Balls," "Webcam Toy," "Lonely Tweets" and "Pixel Dust."

"Tetris-N-Blox" is an unofficial version of the video game "Tetris." The "Tetris-N-Blox" version is a simplified, free version of "Tetris" that is very similar to the original game. "Tetris-N-Blox" is streamlined and lacks distractions, extra additions or updates.

"Hexxagon" is a Neave game based on the 1990 arcade video game "Ataxx." The objective of "Hexxagon" is to cover the grid in hexagonal tiles before the other player can. Players move one tile per turn, either by sliding into an empty space to make a new tile or by jumping two spaces. The game ends when it is clear that one player's tiles have overtaken the majority of the board. "Hexxagon" is a combination of a puzzle game and a strategy game.

"Webcam Toy" is one of the more straightforward Neave games and plays as the title explains. In "Webcam Toy," a player takes photos online and adds effects to them. There are 80 effects in the game.

The Neave game "Lonely Tweets" details how people are connected to the world in so many ways using the Internet, yet many still feel lonely. "Lonely Tweets" generates the latest tweets that use the words "I'm lonely" and displays the tweets over the profile pictures of the speakers in a visually appealing way.