How Do You Get to Navel Rock on "Pokemon Emerald"?

Navel Rock is only accessible by taking Seagallop Ferries from Vermilion City. The correct ferry will only appear once the player has received the MysticTicket using the Mystery Gift system. Until the MysticTicket is downloaded, Navel Rock will not appear on the map.

  1. Download the MysticTicket

    The MysticTicket was available as an event item for various Nintendo events. It was distributed at these events via Mystery Gift. Alternatively, players can cheat to get the item using an Action Replay or GameShark.

  2. Visit the docks in Vermilion City

    The docks are located on the edge of Vermilion City and host a number of ferries. These are the same boats that take the player to the Sevii Islands and Birth Island.

  3. Talk to the sailor

    The sailor in front of the boats will notice that the player has the MysticTicket and offer him a ride to Navel Island.

  4. Accept the ride to the island

    The sailor will offer to take the player to Navel Island. Select Yes when asked if ready to go. The player will automatically be boarded onto the ferry.

  5. Step off of the ferry

    The ferry will arrive at the entrance of a cave. Step off of the ferry, and walk inside to find Lugia and Ho-oh.