What are the natures of the Pokemon Serebii?


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The Pok��mon Serebii can have any of the 25natures that are available for a Pok��mon in the gaming franchise. Pok��mon natures were introduced in the third generation of Pok��mon games.

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Natures can have multiple effects in the Pok��mon franchise. One of the most noticeable effects is the modification of a Pok��mon's five base stats. Natures are assigned randomly to a Pok��mon when it is caught, and they can't be changed. The five stats affected are attack, defense, special attack, special defense and speed.

While there are 25 possible natures for a Pok��mon, five of them do not modify base stats. A bashful, docile, hardy, quirky or serious nature is considered neutral by the game and does not increase or decrease any stats. The natures that do modify stats always increase one of the base values at the cost of decreasing another. These differences allow some individual Pok��mon to be more successful in battles than others of the same species. For example, a hasty nature boosts a Pok��mon's base speed, but causes its defense to fall.

The remaining 19 natures that a Pok��mon may have are bold, modest, calm, timid, lonely, mild, gentle, adamant, impish, careful, jolly, naughty, lax, rash, naive, brave, relaxed, quiet and sassy. All of these natures have advantages and disadvantages depending on the Pok��mon.

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