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One set of Naruto action figures by PSK limited features 5 characters including Naruto, Kakashi, Minato, Killer Bee and Sasuke. Other action figures are produced both locally and internationally, which gives buyers a wide range of characters and styles. Major production companies include PSK Limited, Banpresto, Mattel, Bandai and Megahouse.

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Mattel produces many of the Naruto action figures available in stores. Action figures representing major characters from the Cartoon Network show are packaged individually by Mattel. Aside from lead characters like Naruto and Sasuke, the company also produces figures of Shino, Haku, Orochimaru and Gaara, who play minor roles in the series.

In addition to standard action figures, companies produce Naruto figures featuring alternative art or designs. Shadow Clone Jutsu Naruto and Sand Attack Gaara are great examples, as they also feature unique accessories. Both basic and deluxe action figures are available.

Banpresto produces several different series of Naruto figures. Unlike the action figures by Mattel, Banpresto figures are made of PVC and do not move. They feature a wider range of characters and more realistic painting and detailing. These figures are intended to be displayed, rather than played with, so they do not come with accessories. PSK limited produces both models and action figures.

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