What Are the Names of Some Rubik's Cube Solution Guides?


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Solution guides to the Rubik's cube for fans of the popular puzzle who would like to improve their skills include websites such as HowToCube.com and YouCanDoTheCube.com. Printed solution guides including "Speedsolving the Cube" offer additional options for cubers.

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What Are the Names of Some Rubik's Cube Solution Guides?
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Fans of the Rubik's cube puzzle can learn a simple beginner technique for solving it from HowToCube.com. The technique outlined in the guide solves the cube using only six steps, though each step may involve several moves. Using this technique, beginners can solve a Rubik's cube in about an hour.

Cubers interested in achieving a faster time for solving a Rubik's cube can find several techniques in the book "Speedsolving the Cube" or on SpeedSolving.com, the website associated with the book. Both explore various methods for solving the puzzle faster or in fewer moves. With some techniques cubers can solve the puzzle in under 15 seconds. Competitive cubing champions also share techniques for solving the cube blindfolded, one-handed, or using only their feet.

One solution guide specializes in using the Rubik's cube puzzle and its solution techniques as a teaching tool. YouCanDoTheCube.com provides a solution guide, but also offers instructional materials for teachers and librarians in order to help incorporate the puzzle into the organization's curriculum. The site also offers a list of Rubik's cube competitions to participate in, as well as a guide to hosting one.

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