What Are the Names of Some Computer Car Games Developed in 2014?

What Are the Names of Some Computer Car Games Developed in 2014?

Some computer car games released for PC in 2014 include "Project CARS," "The Crew," "Toybox Turbos" and "Blazerush." "Project CARS" and "The Crew" are more realistic driving simulations, while "Toybox Turbos" and "Blazerush" are more casual and feature armed vehicles.

"Project CARS" is a motorsport simulation that allows players to roam an open world and choose from different races and events to participate in. It features 74 driveable cars and 110 courses, some of which exist in real life. It is also possible to race against others online.

"The Crew" is also an open-world game and focuses on street racing. Players travel through smaller-scale regions of the United States to participate in races. The storyline is somewhat reminiscent of the "Fast and Furious" films, with the protagonist an undercover police officer who infiltrates criminal organizations by racing for them.

"Toybox Turbos" is a spiritual follow-up to the "Micro Machines" video games, with a similar top-down view and courses constructed as if the cars are miniatures racing through parts of a house. The game is not licensed to use "Micro Machines" cars, but it is developed by CodeMasters, the company that handled many of the classic "Micro Machines" games.

"Blazerush" also features a top-down view but more heavily emphasizes combat and destruction of the other cars.