What Are the Names of Some American Girl Dolls?

The names of some American Girl dolls include Addy, Caroline, Josefina and Julie. Kaya, Kit, Rebecca and Samantha are also the names of some American Girl dolls. These names represent American Girl's BeForever line of dolls.

Addy features thick, black hair, golden hoop earrings and brown eyes that can open and close. Her authentic outfit is styled in the custom of 1864 clothing, and includes a short-sleeve royal blue dress with black ribbons and bows, lacy white pantalettes, white stockings, and black boots. Caroline has aquamarine eyes and a soft-pink empire-waist dress inspired by traditional 1812 garb.

Josefina has brown eyes and hair, golden hoop earrings, a white, lacy camisa and a colorful skirt. Julie has brown eyes, straight blond hair and a braid. Her outfit is inspired by fashion of the 1970s. Kaya has deep-brown eyes, long, shiny black hair and an authentic 1764 Nez Perce Native American tribe outfit.

Kit has blue eyes, freckles and a blond bob hairstyle. Her outfit is an authentic 1930s blue-green sleeveless dress with red and white trim. Rebecca has hazel eyes and curly honey-brown hair. She is wearing a 1914 plum herringbone skirt. Samantha has brown eyes and a pink dress inspired by dresses from 1914 as well as long, curly, brown hair.