What Is the "Name That Candy Bar" Game?

The "Name That Candy Bar" game is a guessing game where players must either visually identify the name of a candy bar by viewing the insides of it or while tasting it while blindfolded. The game prompts players to use their senses to identify tastes, smells and sights of popular candy bars.

Although there are variations to the "Name That Candy Bar" game, one of the most popular versions involves separating players into teams. Each player is blindfolded and given a taste of candy bar samples prepared ahead of time, according to the Chocolate Candy Mall. Players must identify the candy bar based on taste alone. Team members cannot provide hints. Once the player correctly identifies the candy, the team receives a point. Once a team reaches the required number of points determined before the game begins, that team wins.

Another version of the game is based on sight, where players view a small piece of the candy bar with the insides exposed, including nuts, caramel, chocolate and other fillings, according to Science Museum of Minnesota's Thinking Fountain. This form of the game makes players rely on their knowledge of candy bars and also their awareness for the different brand identities.