How Do You Get the Mystic Ticket in "Pokémon FireRed"?

To get a Mystic Ticket in Pokémon FireRed, one must attend a Nintendo-sponsored event and bring a GameBoy Advance with a wireless adapter, as well as a copy of the game. These events were held by Nintendo as a promotion for their Pokémon games as well as other franchises. As of 2014, Nintendo no longer sponsors events that give out Mystic Tickets. Should Nintendo renew support for Mystic Tickets, it may be possible to acquire one in the future.

  1. Attend a Nintendo event and find the Wonder Spot

    When the Mystic Ticket is available, it is acquired by attending a Nintendo event in person. Once there, locate the Wonder Spot, which is a physical computer somewhere on the event grounds.

  2. Boot up your copy of Pokémon FireRed

    Turn on your GameBoy Advance with wireless adapter with the Pokémon FireRed cartridge inside.

  3. Unlock the Mystery Gift feature

    To unlock the Mystery Gift feature, move the player character to any Pokémon Mart and press A when facing the Clipboard by the Shop Owner. When prompted in a questionnaire window, enter the words, "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". Save the game and then restart your GameBoy Advance.

  4. Connect to the Wonder Spot

    Standing near the Wonder Spot, access the Mystery Gift feature of Pokémon FireRed from the main menu. Once this is open, the GameBoy Advance and the Wonder Spot connect, granting the Pokémon FireRed game access to the Mystic Ticket.

  5. Acquire the Mystic Ticket in the game

    Load the saved game, and move to any Pokémon Center. Speak to the man on the second floor to receive the Mystic Ticket. This ticket allows travel to Navel Rock, accessed by talking to the sailor in front of Seagallop Ferries.