Where Is the Mystic Ticket Located in "Pokemon Emerald"?

The mystic ticket is given away at official Nintendo events in the United States, and cannot be obtained in the "Pokémon Emerald" game. Gamers must go to one of these events to obtain a ticket. The ticket can also be obtained using a Gameshark or other device that allows gamers to input cheat codes into their games.

The mystic ticket allows players to travel to the Southern Island, an area of the game that was previously closed. The island has a unique encounter that allows the player to round out his collection of Pokémon. After examining an area in the forest on the Southern Island, the player fights either a Latios or a Latias, whichever one was not encountered earlier in the game when roaming through the forest of Hoenn. This is the only way to get both types of Pokémon in the player's inventory.

The player obtains access to the mystic ticket by using an E-Card. The card has a code on it that can causes the mystic ticket to appear in the player's inventory. With the ticket in his or her bag, the player can then take the S.S. Tidal to the Southern Island. The player must have already defeated the Elite Four.