How Do You Get a Mystery Ticket in "Pok?mon Emerald"?


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According to PsyPoke, the mystery ticket is an item that can only be obtained in ?Pokemon Emerald? during official Nintendo promotional events as a mystery gift. To accept mystery gifts, the player must activate the Mystery Gifting service by going to any PokeMart, interacting with the memo and entering the words ?link together with all.? After this, the PokeMart attendant activates Mystery Gifting.

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PsyPoke explains that, once Mystery Gifting has been turned on and the player attends an official Nintendo promotional event, he is able to obtain his free item by visiting Teala on the second floor of any Pokemon Center. The Mystery Gifting service is different in ?Pokemon Emerald? than it was in Pokemon games Gold and Sliver. In these versions of the game, the Mystery Gifting service was activated when any two Pokemon players linked their systems.

The biggest problem with the Mystery Gifting service, according to PsyPoke, is that players are only able to get mystery items from official Nintendo events. If the player is unable to attend these events, he has no way of getting these items. This makes such items, like the mystery ticket, some of the rarest in ?Pokemon Emerald.?

According to PsyPoke, the mystery ticket in ?Pokemon Emerald? allows the player to access Navel Rock. Here, he has an opportunity to catch Lugia or Ho-oh, depending on the path he takes inside.

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