What Are Some Musical Instruments of the Cordillera Highland?

Many Cordilerra Highlanders play gongs, bamboo buzzers, hand drums and jaw harps. Some indigenous people in the Cordilerra provinces of the Philippines also play lutes and flutes.

Cordilerra Highlanders play many types of gong-like percussion instruments. They hit these gongs with sticks or with their hands. They also play the sulibao, which is a hand drum used to accompany other instruments and to help keep players on tempo. This type of hand drum has a long body and resembles a tobacco stick. Cordilerra Highlanders use percussion instruments like gongs during peace pact gatherings and other ceremonies, like marriages and feasts.

Another instrument that they use is the tongatong, which is a bamboo instrument played by stomping on its closed end. Some play two at the same time, acting as their own accompaniment. The bungkaka, or balingbing, is another bamboo instrument they use. This instrument produces a buzzing sound when it is hit. Many play this instrument to ward off evil spirits.

The kubing, paldong and tongali are three types of wind instruments played in the Cordilerra Highlands. The kubing is a bamboo jaw harp played much like an oboe. This instrument is used in mating and courtship rituals. The paldong is a bamboo flute with four holes, and covering and uncovering the holes produces different sounds. The tongali is a bamboo nose flute. Players hold the instrument to their noses and blow into the opening, creating a shrill sound.