What Are Some Musical Instrument Craft Ideas?


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Some musical instrument craft ideas include using recycled cardboard to make guitars, drums and horns. It is quick and easy to make shakers and maracas out of pebbles and repurposed plastic or soda cans.

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To make a guitar, cut a round hole in the lid of an old shoe box and glue the lid to the box. Stretch rubber bands across the box for strings. An old cardboard oatmeal cylinder makes a great drum. Try using fabric, paper or aluminum foil for the skin, depending on the desired sound. Cover the cylinder with colored paper to decorate and use two pencils as drumsticks.

It is easy to make a horn from a paper towel tube. Punch a straight line of holes on the length of the roll and decorate it. Cover one end of the roll with wax paper and attach it with a rubber band. Hum into the open side and experiment with placing your fingers over the different holes.

Make maracas by collecting small pebbles from outdoors and place them in a plastic Easter egg. Tape the egg closed and decorate it. Dried beans are also good for making shakers. Put them in a recycled cylinder container such as a potato chip or soda can and glue the lid shut. Cover it with construction paper and color it.

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