How Much Is a Real Care Baby?

The cost of a RealCare Baby is only available through a Realityworks products account manager. Account managers are available by phone at 800-830-1416 or via email at

RealCare Babies are designed for use in classrooms or parenting programs, so they are generally sold in multiples, including packages of five, 10 or 25 babies. These “Total Parenting Experience” packages also include software, curriculum, diapers, IDs, baby wardrobe, bottles, care cards, wristbands and more.

In addition to the standard RealCare Baby, which helps potential parents practice caring for an infant, Realityworks also offers RealCare Pregnancy Profile Simulation, RealCare Drug-Affected Babies, RealCare Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Babies, RealCare Shaken Babies and CPR Babies.