How Much Money Is in a Five-Gallon Jug Filled With Coins?


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A five-gallon jug filled with $1 coins can theoretically hold $33,333. That value is based upon the measurements of 26.49 millimeters in diameter and 2 millimeters in thickness for a $1 coin.

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Perform the appropriate calculations using the formula pi x (13.245^2) x 2 = 0.0832 milliliters, which is the formula for determining the volume of a cylinder. The milliliters can be converted into gallons for a total of 0.00015 gallons per coin. Using the formula and details provided, a 5-gallon jug can hold 33,333 coins with a volume of 0.00015 gallons, which, at $1 per coin, equals $33,333. The actual amount of money may vary based on the denomination of the coins involved and their values, as well as the precise shape of the jug.

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