How Much Is a Betty Boop Stamp Worth?


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As of 2014, collectible U.S. Betty Boop stamps are worth between $5 and $35 on average. A single stamp featuring the image of Betty Boop is valued in the range of $5 to $10. Stamp sheets featuring her image are commonly valued from $6 and up. Betty Boop stamps originating in foreign countries such as Granada, Antigua, Dominica, Gambia and Guyana are valued between $3 and $45 per sheet.

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Betty Boop stamps are commonly found at online auction sites like eBay and collectible stamp sites. The value of any particular stamp or stamp sheet is dependent on what the current collector's market is willing to pay. There is such a wide range of Betty Boop stamps and depictions that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact value for every issued stamp. Individuals seeking more information on the value of a Betty Boop stamp collection can consult with experts in Betty Boop memorabilia or stamp collecting. There is also at least one memorabilia guide entirely devoted to Betty Boop.

The popularity of Betty Boop is enduring, which is why her image continues to appear on stamps and other products. Due to international licensing agreements, Betty Boop memorabilia is created in countries around the world.

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