How Much Is a 1957 Silver Certificate Worth?


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As of 2015, circulated 1957 $1 silver certificates sell for a slight premium above their face value -$1.25 to $1.50. Un-circulated bills typically sell for $2 to $4, according to Heritage Auctions. 'Star note' certificates -where the serial number begins with a small star- are valued at $3 to $5.

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Both the 'A' and 'B' series bills are identical in value and identifiable by the suffix letter at the end of the serial number. Since the 1957 $1 silver certificates were printed in very high quantities, they are not actively sought by currency collectors, explain the experts at oldcurrencyvalues.com. The 1957 series is unique in that it was the first to state the national motto "In God We Trust," as required by a law passed 1955.

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