How Much Is an 1817 Penny Worth?

As of 2014, an 1817 American "large cent" carries a minimum value of $15 in good condition. Coins in perfect, uncirculated condition may fetch as much as $348 from dealers.

These large cents were issued from 1793 to 1857. They evolved from the "flowing hair" cent of 1793, the "liberty cap" cent of 1793 to 1796, the "draped bust" cent of 1796-1807 and the "classic head" cent of 1808 to 1814. They were followed by the "coronet type" of 1816 to 1839 and the "braided hair" cent of 1839 to 1857.

According to, the 1817 cents are highly sought by collectors and undervalued relative to others coins of similar interest and age. Coins in extremely fine condition, or valued by the NGC or PCGS grading services, are especially popular.