How Do You Get MovieStarPlanet Money Cheats?


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While there are no legal money cheats for Movie Star Planet, players can still earn extra star coins when they spin the star coin wheel, enter a chat room, play games or make a movie. VIP members have access to even more games and better wheel spins.

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Spinning the star coin wheel is one of the fastest ways to earn star coins. While all members can spin the wheel once per day, VIP members have access to a wheel with higher numbers of star coins on it. For example, non-VIP members can earn at most 40 star coins on the wheel, whereas VIP members can earn up to 200 star coins. VIP members also gain access to more games, clothing and movie sets.

Members also earn star coins when they enter chat rooms. Chat rooms do not provide as many coins at once, but if members do it every day, the money adds up. Players earn star coins when they play games as well. They can become familiar with the answers to the quiz games so that answering the questions is easier, allowing them to earn star coins faster.

Making movies is another way to earn star coins. Players earn the star coins when other users watch their videos. If they make a popular movie, there is no limit to the number of star coins that they can earn from that one film.

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