What Is the MovieStarPlanet Game?


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"MovieStarPlanet" is an online social universe in which kids between the ages of 8 and 15 can create their own movie star, produce movies, and earn StarCoins and Fame to enhance the experience. The game is free to play, but paid upgrades are available.

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Players begin by clicking New User to create an account and an avatar. To create a movie, players go to the Creative area and select New Movie, choosing up to six movie stars that may include the player's own avatar, friends' avatars or extras. They then direct their movie, creating animations and dialog lines using the chosen movie stars. Players can also make friends whose info is stored in the Friends area, write a status update in the What You Are Doing area, play mini games, and visit chat rooms. As players earn StarCoins, the in-game currency, they can use them to purchase items such as movie backdrops and costumes in the shopping area.

"MovieStarPlanet" helps children to showcase their creative talent while engaging in social interaction, but it also includes safety features such as automated and manual monitoring to ensure the site remains a safe place for children to interact. The site doesn't reveal any of its players' personal information to other players.

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