What Moves Does Dragonair Learn in Pokemon?


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Dragonair learns several moves varying in type, effect and action, including Dragon Rage, Wrap and Safeguard. Dragonair is known as the Dragon Pokemon, and it is able to influence weather patterns.

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The moves below are sorted by name, Pokemon type and category of attack.

Initial moves:

  • Wrap - normal-type, physical attack
  • Leer - normal-type, status effect
  • Thunderwave - electric-type, status effect
  • Twister - dragon-type, special attack

Learned moves:

  • Dragon Rage - level 15, dragon-type, special attack
  • Slam - level 21, normal-type, physical attack
  • Agility - level 25, psychic-type, status effect
  • Dragon Tail - level 33, dragon-type, physical attack
  • Aqua Tail - level 39, water-type, physical attack
  • Dragon Rush - level 47, dragon-type, physical attack
  • Safeguard - level 53, normal-type, status effect
  • Dragon Dance - level 61, dragon-type, status effect
  • Outrage - level 67, dragon-type, physical attack
  • Hyper Beam - level 75, normal-type, special attack

In addition to these moves, there are numerous Hidden Machines and Technical Machines moves available to Dragonair.

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