How Do You Move the Scientist Blocking the Entrance to the Dotted Hole in "Pok?mon FireRed"?

The Team Rocket scientist Gideon blocks the entrance to the Dotted Hole until the player has defeated the Team Rocket Grunts at the Icefall Cave. He will move from this position as soon as the Grunts are defeated.

The player will need to have reached the Icefall Cave in the story before the Dotted Hole can be opened. A maze of slippery ice and tiles that crack must be navigated to find the Waterfall ability, which allows players to progress deeper into the cave. There the player will find the Elite Four trainer Lorelei fighting a group of Team Rocket Grunts. The player will only need to defeat one while Lorelei takes care of the rest.

Upon the player's return to the Dotted Hole, Gideon will have disappeared, but the player is far from done with him. The Cut ability is needed to get past the first floor of the Dotted Hole, and two puzzles must then be solved. After retrieving the Sapphire from the Dotted Hole, Gideon returns to steal it but also provides players with the password to access the Rocket Warehouse in Five Isle Meadow. There, the player must fight some Team Rocket Admins and, eventually, Gideon himself to recover the Sapphire.