How Do You Move a Pool Table?

How Do You Move a Pool Table?

The best way to move a pool table is to disassemble the table, carefully labeling each piece, and then reassemble the table in its new location. Required tools are a staple puller, flat head screwdriver, safety goggles, socket wrench and power drill.

The first step is removing the staples to unfasten the six side pockets. If secured with screws, the screwdriver is also necessary. Using a socket wrench, hold each rail while unscrewing the bolts, and remove the rails of the table.

Removing the felt, while tricky and time-consuming, reduces the chances of it being damaged during transport. If replacing the felt, it is acceptable to rip it off, but if the plan is reattachment, removing the staples is necessary.

To take the slate off, start by removing the screws using a power drill. This piece is very heavy and requires multiple people for maneuvering. Next, detach the frame and wrap it, ideally placing it in the back of the moving truck. The rails and legs can then be wrapped and placed on top of the frame.

Putting the table back together requires reassembling it with the legs or base under the frame with the table upside down. Because of this technique, help is needed to flip the table back over. The next step is adding the slate, which needs to be leveled according to the floor. Use the shims to get the table perfectly level. After leveling, wax the seams. The felt and rails should be added next, using a razor blade to cut holes to add bolts. A metal paint scraper can help streamline the felt and push any air bubbles.