How Do You Move a Piano?


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To move a piano, protect it by locking the lid and wrapping it with blankets. Rest the piano on its side on a dolly to move it, and place it standing up in the moving truck.

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  1. Protect the piano

    Close the piano lid and lock it into place. Wrap a soft strap around the piano body to keep the lid in place if the lock fails. Use blankets to wrap the edges of the piano, taping them into place with packing tape. Focus on the corners, which are susceptible to damage during the moving process.

  2. Secure the piano

    Ask several friends to help you lift the piano onto a large furniture dolly. Lock the dolly's wheels into place. Place the piano on its side, resting it on its longest straight edge. Balance the piano, and secure it to the dolly with furniture straps. Run the straps over the blanket-wrapped areas, and place the buckles away from the piano edges. Move the piano carefully out of the house.

  3. Prepare the truck

    Lay wooden planks or panels on the floor of your moving truck to create a level floor. Roll the piano on the dolly up into the moving truck, and lift it off. Place the piano onto the planks, and secure it to the truck with straps. Pack other items under and around the piano to prevent it from shifting during the move.

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