How Do You Move the Boxes on Seven Island?

In "Pokemon FireRed" and "Pokemon LeafGreen" the boxes on Seven Island cannot be moved. They were added to block a battle area that is only available in the Japanese versions of the game. US players can use Gameshark cheats to walk through the boxes.

  1. Activate the Gameshark code or e-reader

    Players can get past the boxes by typing in a Gameshark code to walk through the wall. If playing the Japanese game, players will simply need to swipe the e-reader card associated with the battle event.

  2. Find the house

    The residential house is the only one on Seven Island. It is located next to the Poké Mart. The US version is missing the event data, so talking to the lady inside will only cause a dialogue about the boxes to appear. In the Japanese version, the lady will invite the player to battle.

  3. Walk through the boxes

    Once the cheat is active, the player can walk through the boxes as if it were a wall. In the Japanese version, a door will appear for the player to walk through.

  4. Battle the opponent

    In the Japanese version, there will be a special opponent waiting in the center of the room. In the US version, the room is empty.