How Do You Mount Postage Stamps?


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Linn's Stamp News suggests mounting postage stamps using specially designed stamp mounts for collecting, displaying and protecting stamps. Slide stamps into the stamp mount on the top or side face down so that they are displayed through the clear window. Use water to moisten the adhesive on the back of the stamp mount in the area where the stamps are to be displayed and affix them to the back.

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Linn's Stamp News suggests selecting stamp mounts that suit the size of the stamps displayed. Ranging in sizes to fit single-issue stamps as well as full-sheet stamps, it is important to find a stamp mount that adequately fits the stamps being mounted in order to prevent creasing the stamp or bending perforation tips. One should avoid using too much moisture when affixing the stamps to the mount to prevent bending or waviness in the stamp mount pages. Positioning of the stamps should be planned prior to moistening the adhesive, as most adhesives stick directly on contact.

Because the adhesive can be reactivated during storage, Linn's Stamp News suggests storing mounted stamps in a cool, dry location. Pages with mounted stamps should be stored standing upright to prevent excessive pressure on the stamps, which can cause damage. Hobby or collector stores offer stamp mounts for sale.

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