In Mortal Kombat, How Do You Beat Shao Kahn While Playing As Raiden?


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To defeat Shao Kahn in "Mortal Kombat 9" as the thunder god Raiden, it's best to exploit Raiden's ability to teleport almost instantly, coupled with his faster projectiles. Shao Kahn has powerful attacks that can stun, so it's important to watch for his attacks such as the hammer throw.

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  1. Get as far away from Shao Kahn as possible

    Back-dash by double-tapping the back arrow on the directional pad. Unless you're confident in your skill playing as Raiden, you have to play the fight cheaply, so that means throwing projectiles as fast as possible and planning times to evade Shao Kahn's attacks.

  2. Fire Raiden's lightning attacks in rapid succession

    The command sequence for the lightning attack is Down, Back, Forward Punch. On the PlayStation 3 this is Square; on Xbox 360 it's X. As soon as the attack lands or is blocked, fire another one.

  3. Evade Shao Kahn's attacks

    If Shao Kahn is preparing to throw his hammer, jump over it. Don't try to block or duck, because it stuns and inflicts a lot of damage. You can teleport past the spear throw or duck under it. To teleport, press Down and Up.

  4. Use combos when in close range while Shao Kahn is recovering from an attack

    For example, if he throws his spear, jump in with a kick or combo. Remember that you can check combos and special moves when paused. Be ready to block normal blows, then uppercut.

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