How Do You Go to the Moon in "Pokémon Emerald"?

It is not possible to get to the moon in "Pokémon Emerald." However, it is possible to reach the Space Center in Mossdeep City. The Space Center was depicted in the anime TV show as possessing a moon simulator. To do so, first figure out which way to take to get to Mossdeep City. Then, arrive at Mossdeep City. Finally, enter the Space Center.

  1. Find which way to go

    If the player has visited Mossdeep City previously, he can use the "Fly" command to ride his Pokemon back to Mossdeep. However, if the player is unable to fly for any reason, he must take either Route 124, 125 or 127.

  2. Arrive at Mossdeep City

    If flying, simply go outside, select the Pokemon with the Fly ability, and select Mossdeep. The player will arrive nearly instantaneously. If taking Route 124, navigate east. If going through Route 125, go south, and if going through Route 127, go north.

  3. Go into the Space Center

    The Space Center is located in the northeastern corner of Mossdeep City, which is an island. It is the largest building on the island, and it has a space rocket behind it. The building has a sign that the player can read which identifies it as the Space Center. Simply walk through the front door.