What Are Some Moon Crafts for Kids?


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Moon crafts for kids include making the paper plate copies of the phases of the moon, a textured moon and a moon phase viewer. The activities range from simple fun to learning tools.

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For the phases of the moon craft, the required materials are paper, a printer, scissors, three colors of craft paint, a sponge and three paper plates. Start by printing out a template for the phases of the moon. Apply the template to the paper plates and have the children cut out the shapes. Have children apply a small amount of paint to each cut plate. They then use the sponge dipped in the other colors of paint to make the plates look like moon rock.

To make a textured moon, different sized paint brushes, Styrofoam circles, white paint and flour are needed. Give each child a Styrofoam circle and different paint brushes. They use the ends of the brushes to create "craters" in the circle. Mix two parts of paint to one part of flour. Children use this to finish the surface of the moon.

For the moon phase viewer, the necessary supplies are a salt container, a pencil, an X-ACTO knife, a brad, blue construction paper, a small flashlight and sturdy tape. On one end of the container, have them draw the four phases of the moon. Cut these out using the X-ACTO knife. Next, trace around the container onto the blue paper and cut this out. Remove a 2-inch square from one side. Have them attach this to the end with the phases of the moon using the brad. They can cover the rest of the container in blue construction paper as well. Cut a hole on the other side big enough for the flashlight. Insert the flashlight, using the tape to secure it. Use this to project the phases of the moon onto a blank wall.

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