What Are Some Mods for the Minecraft PC Version?


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There are numerous mods available for the Minecraft computer game, including mods that add new colors and textures to the game, mods that allow players to perform magic and even mods that add vehicles into the game. Most of the mods for the game are used with older versions of the game because updates to the game require that the mods be updated as well.

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These mods are free for use on most websites, though the game requires a program called Minecraft Forge in order for the mods for the game to be downloaded and installed. Many of the mods for the game are used to speed it up and make it run better because the game is so large and heavy that it needs optimization on some PC's to run smoothly and load in a timely manner.

Many players of the game make very intricate worlds and designs. The mods that open up new textures, colors and options for design are very popular with those that focus on world design. These mods can provide new options for everything from lighting to textures to colors of blocks. They can increase the detail of their creations and make more varied landscapes. There are even mods that made food-related and magic-related decorations and textures.

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