What Are Some Mods for "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"?


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Fans of "Amnesia: Dark Descent" have made a number of total conversion mods for the game. Some examples are "Amnesia: The Streets of London" and "Penumbra: Necrologue."

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Other popular total conversions of the game include "Kidnapped," "White Night," "Premonition," "The Great Work," "Perditio" and "Edmond's Stories." "Monsters: An Amnesia Concept" is a mod in the works, as of October 2014, that promises to add gameplay similar to Pokémon with the ability to train monsters and use them to fight. There are also many "custom story" mods that offer new levels or challenges such as "Amnesia: The Escape" and "Feast of the Damned."

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