What Model Is the Fender Stratocaster With the Serial Number ZO 285084?


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The serial number Z0285084 is assigned to a Fender Stratocaster standard model guitar made in Corona, California, in 2000 or 2001. Specialized serial numbers are assigned to aid in the identification of deluxe, vintage, limited and artist editions of the Stratocaster guitar.

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The American Deluxe Series Stratocaster serial number begins with the letters DN for guitars manufactured in 1998 or 1999 and the letters DZ for guitars manufactured since 2000. The Blond Jaguar was manufactured in 1994 and sold in a set with the Jazzmaster and Blonde Deluxe reverb amp. It was denoted with LE as the leading letters of the serial number. The other nonstandard models were not manufactured in the United States and have serial number components that identify the Fender factory in which they were produced.

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