How Do You Mod "Fallout: New Vegas"?


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There are a few methods to mod "Fallout: New Vegas," the easiest is to use the Nexus Mod Manager that automatically downloads and installs mods from their database. As of 2014, the Nexus Mod Manager also includes software that optimizes the load order for mods.

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While the Nexus Mod Manager makes it easier to download and install some mods for the game, other mods require manual installation and may include an installer program or files that need to be copied into the game folder.

There are numerous mods available for "Fallout: New Vegas." The function of the mods range from graphic improvements to the addition of new items or monsters into the game. Some mods, such as the Project Nevada mod, provide partial or complete overhauls to the game, such as additional features or extra hotkeys for players to use.

The Wasteland Flora Overhaul mod, on the other hand, simply provides higher resolution textures for plants as well as adding different types of plants to allow customization of the game world. Other mods, such as the Enhanced Camera mod or Centered Third Person Camera mod, changes the player's camera to allow for greater gamer immersion.

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