How Do You Miter Corners?

How Do You Miter Corners?

To miter corners, choose a saw, mark a 45-degree angle, and cut the ends of two pieces of wood on the line you marked. A miter joint does not require special tools, but a miter box is inexpensive and helpful if you need to cut numerous mitered corners.

  1. Select your saw

    A mitered corner can easily be cut with a hand, table or circular saw, although you can purchase a specialty compound miter saw for heavy-duty jobs. To make the job easier, use a miter box to help cut on an angle. A miter box is a good tool for lighter jobs such as cutting molding or picture frames. If you want to cut a case miter with a beveled joint, use a table saw to angle the blade.

  2. Mark the angle

    Use a triangle to mark a 45-degree angle on the two pieces of wood.

  3. Cut the joint

    For a basic frame miter, set your table saw so that it cuts at a 45-degree angle. To make the cuts, run each piece of wood along the table saw. If you are using a circular or hand saw, cut the wood along the marked line on each piece of wood or use the miter box to facilitate the cut.