How Do You Miter Blanket Corners?


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To miter blanket corners, cut four strips of fabric for the border, two of which should be slightly longer than the others, and stitch the strips onto your blanket body. Sew the overhanging edges of the border fabric together so that they form a diagonal, Y-shaped seam in each corner.

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Select the blanket’s material, and cut it to the desired dimensions. Measure across the blanket, and cut two border strips measuring this length by several inches wide. Stitch the border strips on opposite sides of the blanket using 1/4-inch seams. Next, measure the blanket from border to border, and add a few inches to this measurement. Cut two more border strips to this measurement, and stitch them to the other sides of the blanket, stopping the seam at the corners of the main blanket material. Fold the excess fabric of the longer border strips under at a 45-degree angle, pin it, and sew it to form a diagonal seam.

Alternatively, cut two fabric pieces, a smaller one for the blanket top and a larger one for the blanket's backing and border. Place the smaller piece face down on the larger one, and stitch two sides down, leaving a small opening. Repeat with the opposite sides of the blanket, but this time, sew the larger piece’s edges flush with the smaller ones. This creates a small triangular projection in each corner. Mark a 45-degree angle on each triangle, sew along this line, and trim any excess. Pull the blanket right side out through the seam opening, top stitch where the top fabric and the border meet, and press the blanket.

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