What Is the Minish Cap and the Mirror Shield?


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The "Minish Cap" refers to the title of a Game Boy Advance videogame of the "Legend of Zelda" series, in which the Mirror Shield is found after going on the "Goron" side quest. Link receives the Mirror Shield after beating the main game. As of 2014, the Mirror Shield has appeared in eight "Zelda" games from 1992 onward.

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To obtain the Mirror Shield in "The Minish Cap," players must fuse "Kinstones" with a Goron in the southwest part of Lon Lon Ranch. Then Link needs to explore caves underneath the ranch until he fuses Kinstones with all five mysterious walls, after which Biggoron trades shields with Link. The main character then obtains the Mirror Shield.

The Minish Cap allows Link to become smaller, so he can go underground to complete quests on behalf of the King of Hyrule. Once Link shrinks, he explores the miniature world of Minish.

The Mirror Shield allows Link to reflect sunlight and some magic spells onto enemies to destroy things. In some games, Link can deflect projectile weapons back upon his enemies in some games, but not in others. The Mirror Shield is bigger than Link's normal shield he carries. The reflecting, defensive armor may have been inspired by Perseus's shield in Greek mythology. Perseus used a mirrored shield to defeate Medusa.

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