What Are Some Mining Games for Kids?


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Some fun mining games for kids are "Mega Miner," "Ninja Miner" and "Rail Rush." All of these are available to play online for free. They rely on advertisements so players should deactivate all ad blocker programs.

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In "Mega Miner," the player needs to go into the mine to look for precious materials and sell them for cash. In order to dig deeper for more valuable materials, the player needs to upgrade his equipment with the cash he earns.

"Ninja Miner" is a game where the player is a ninja who is going through a pit with a complicated maze. He needs to mine for crystals and gems in order to get back to the exit. He also needs to be careful for traps and spikes.

"Rail Rush" allows the player to race in a wagon on rails inside a mine, playing a miner looking for gold nuggets.

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