What Are Miniature Clay Molds Used For?

What Are Miniature Clay Molds Used For?

Crafters use miniature clay molds for making dollhouse miniatures, jewelry pieces and other small decorative items. These molds are usually made from flexible silicone or resin.

Clay molds are available in a wide range of styles, including food items, butterflies, flowers and leaves. The mold patterns may be simple or complex. The more complex the pattern, the more difficult it is to remove the clay safely.

Crafters can use a light dusting of cornstarch inside the mold to act as a release for molded clay, according to AngelsLanding.com. Another option is to spray the inside of the mold with a little Armor All protectant and wipe away the excess liquid.

To use the mold, a small piece of clay is rolled in the palms to warm it. That warmed clay is pressed into the mold from the center outwards. If there is a part of the mold that is deeper than the rest, crafters may want to form their clay into a teardrop shape and place it so that the point fills the deepest section.

Clay may be removed from the mold by forming a second piece of clay into a large wedge. Place the widest part of the wedge against the clay in the mold and gently lift it out of the mold.